Noir - Resonans [NM004]
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Noir - Resonans [NM004]

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Label: Noir Music
Artist(s): Noir
Remixer(s): -
Album/Single: Noir - Resonans
Track(s): Liquid106, Instinct, Luciole, Resonans
Genre: Techno
Format: WAV/MP3/AIFF/12" VINYL (TBC)
Catalog Number: NM004
Copyright: Noir Music 2021
Release date: November 5th., 2021

For the past year, I have been deep-diving into synthesis and sound design. That process made me fall in love with the hypnotic, looped yet constant moving soundscapes all over again. So much so that I went back to the root of sound sources and ended up using a lot of the classic synths, sounds, and techniques.

The 4 tracks chosen for this release stand out as a therapeutic experience for me. They are all wrapped in pounding beats but there is something calm almost mediative underneath the surface. Creating these 4 tracks put me in a better state of mind and helped me move forward.

Written, produced, arranged and mixed by: René Kristensen aka Noir
Recorded at: MLU Studio, Denmark.
Mastered by: Sam Wills at Wired Masters.
Photo by: René Kristensen
Artwork by: Sisse Erika Tvarnoe & René Kristensen
© 2021 published by Noir Music and Sentric Music Limited
Digital distribution by: Believe Digital
Vinyl distribution by: ComeToMusic